This whole idea of awakening is very real indeed. I have very recently started to realize that this process is a very natural part of our evolutionary process. It is not new age-y, airy fairy stuff. The truth is that what we consider reality is extremely limited and simply a fabrication of our collective imagination. We each add to this collective through our own individual thoughts, feelings and experiences. If we expand our minds enough to encompass the possibility that there is much more to this apparently limited existence and we persist in seeking our Source our divinity will appear. You can call it God, or Source, Higher Self, etc. but that is not the point. The point is to make that connection somehow through whatever means possible and in a way that is comfortable for you. I have been spending most of my free time at parks and preserves, natural areas that attract me. It has been my salvation. It’s brought guidance from within because in the process of seeking divinity in nature I found myself, my intuition that has been guiding me to the information I need to know. Knowledge truly does bring power. And the Truth that resonates with your soul is life-altering. I have learned in under a year how to find that with very little outside help other than through the many enlightening books I’ve read and the very real guidance of Mother Nature Herself which we are one with.  We are Nature therefore I find it is the most basic logical way to connect with our higher selves. Somehow I am led to the answers I need now and life seems more meaningful. There are always obstacles to overcome, we each have our own lessons to learn but as long as our yearning is to grow and help others the universe will respond to your cries for guidance. As long as we take responsibility for our lives and not expect a savior, we will be assisted. We have to really want to know Truth and truly want to wake up from this matrix we have created.  The more of us do this the sooner we will see a changed world.

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