“We are mistaking information for intelligence…” — Sadhguru

Identifying with our thoughts is what is blocking us from evolvement. When we realize that we are much more than our thoughts we discover true intelligence, what we glorify as Truth. It’s so simple but so difficult to understand, especially in Western cultures where we are rewarded for memorizing information and being able to regurgitate it appropriately. We know this intuitively but we are not encouraged to follow our intuition so we ignore it as we neglect ourselves. When we follow our true passions we learn more about who we are and so inevitably, eventually you will recognize this voice. As we become more creative we learn more about ourselves and this is the only way to evolve and humanity as it is today will not survive if we do not evolve. We must do whatever we can to encourage this in others as well. It is the road towards change which we desperately need in order to survive on this planet.

When we create a space in our minds, enough to realize that we are not this body or this mind but that these are simply our vehicles which we need in order to experience this dimension, only then can we expand. Once we do this we will inevitably expand in every aspect of our lives. Our bodies and minds will then evolve as we do this, therefore, our health will improve and our minds will improve as a result. We encounter clarity which also brings us a higher level of peace in our lives.

I have found that what has been my Grace is Nature. Right now in this crazy society Nature is becoming a great necessity. I had neglected my desire to spend time in nature as I was caught up in my experience, my thoughts and my emotions. But meditation in nature, which may come naturally, especially if you make a conscious intention to connect, becomes simple and as a result it becomes a form of yoga.

Now I finally understand what drives the yogis. Divine intelligence, divine nature; it is so real, it is no mystery once you realize this is how it’s supposed to be. Everything imaginable and more has been done to stop this. There is so much potential in a human being. Institutionalized education only hinders this potential in most, this is why children are kept in school for such long hours and kept away from nature. There is a fear among those controlling this planet, of what may happen if all humans knew about this potential. Once you know, you can no longer be fooled. And connecting with nature is a good place to start creating clarity in our minds which will encourage our individual evolvement and as a result humanity as a whole will evolve to it’s full potential.

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