Clinton and Trump are Partners

United States citizens need to wake up to the reality that the system simply needs to be changed. Capitalism will always create monsters like Hillary and Trump, it is inevitable. Until we get rid of money altogether we will continue to see this kind of evil emerge.

Consider the possibility that Trump & Hillary have had a plan all along. He would become the extreme Republican candidate that would make Hillary look good and ensure her the election. The ugliness of these billionaires is truly beyond what the average person assumes. This is not so far fetched. Now with Bernie gaining so much popularity of course she is  going to modify herself to adjust to what’s popular. The reality is that Hillary and Trump may just be working together and their plan may just backfire. If enough people vote for Bernie, her plan WILL backfire.

But until we can change this  ugly system we need to vote for the only humane candidate that is not a power-hungry billionaire, and that is Bernie Sanders. He is not going to save us from the system but he is the first step towards making that shift we need. We need to go to the root of the problem and he is the only candidate that will lead us there. This shift  will eventually lead to a gift economy all over the planet, equality for all, and the end of the unfair economics of today.

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